Lymphatic Cupping Mobilizes Stagnant Lymphatic Fluid to Enhance Stem Cell Function

lymphatic cupping

Michael Phelps Cupping

Lymphatic Congestion

Years of inflammation from poor diet, bad spinal alignment, and lack of exercise has accelerated lymphatic stagnation as a leading cause of cancer and diseaase. Without the lymphatic fluid circulating and refreshing itselft, putrefying lymph becomes comparable to the bacteria residing in a stagnant puddle. Dr. Piana's technique to re-vitalize lymphatic flow combines chiropractic adjustments vibrational therapy, nutrition, and exercise.

The lymphatic system is primarily responsible for the circulation of immune response throughout the body. It flows through delicate vessels that can easily become compromised through trauma, the over development of muscles, sickness and disease, and other complicating factors.
A congested lymphatic system may be responsible for: chronic sinus conditions, chronic illness, cancer, allergies, and many other conditions. It is imperative that the immune response circulate freely through the lymph vessels.
Through thermal imaging we are able to identify these areas of blockages and monitor them.

Lymphatic Drainage

Our philosophy includes the importance of a properly functioning lymphatic system. Tight muscles, ligaments, and scar tissue will restrict the flow of both lymphatic and interstitial fluid from vacating the body and replenishing new nutrition and water to the cells. The healing process of flowing stem cells cannot make its way to the damaged tissues when lymphatic and interstitial fluids are blocked.

Our analysis consists of thermal imaging of the body to see where vital lymphatic areas are blocked.


Cupping uses suction to pull the skin away from the body and pulls the fluid in to the area.  This negative pressure creates a flow of stagnant material and allows it to begin circulating throughout the body and pulls fresh nutrients in.

We offer both wet cupping and dry cupping as well as massage directed towards lymphatic drainage and the reduction of scar tissue. Watch the video on Michael Phelps and dry cupping. Cupping will reduce scar tissue, allow circulation of toxins, move lymphatic stagnation, and restore better bio-mechanics to the body.


BLOCKAGES FROM: Trauma, Over development of muscles, bad posture, spinal imbalances, and poor nutrition, toxicity

Stagnant Lymph—–> Leads to Toxicity —–> Cancer & Disease

DETECTION: Thermal Imaging is the best way to evaluate the Lymphatic System and see the effects of treatment.