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Chiropractic and Health

It is impossible for the  body to be 100% healthy without proper spinal alignment. Pressure on nerves from surrounding soft tissue and bone compression  alters the rate at which nerves fire. This drastically lowers the effectiveness of the nerve itself. Dr. Piana uses structural and functional exams to assess spinal balance. Special adjusting techniques align vertebrae and relieve pressure on nerves allowing healing to begin.  Patients with pressure free nerves experience more energy, less frequent sickness, less pain, and increased vitality.

Chiropractic and Immunity

Clinical research shows the direct correlation between posture, the spine, and lymphatic congestion. Thermal imaging shows lymphatic stagnation and when it has been facilitated. Lymphatic congestion leads to local toxicity and creates a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, cancer. The lymphatic system is primarily responsible for the circulation of immune response throughout the body. It is critical that the immune response circulate freely through the lymph vessels and interstitial fluid.  Adjustments and proper spinal alignment will aid lymphatic flow along with other methods used in our office.

Vertebral subluxation of the spine can result in spasm of the spinal musculature that inhibits the normal flow of the lymphatic system. With stasis of the lymphatic system the immune system becomes overloaded. Chiropractic adjustments will relax the muscles and allow normal lymph flow to occur.

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-BJ Palmer

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