From an early age we are trained to NOT make the right decisions regarding our health. Blame it on advertising, poor parenting, or whatever make you fell better, but when it comes to making the right lifestyle choices we rank lowest on the planet.

Junk food, sugar, refined carbs, pesticides, BPA’s and other harmful toxins are supplied to our couch docked bodies. Add the stress of work, life, finances, and relationships to that and we have the perfect formula to fill our emergency rooms and decorate the campuses of the pharmaceutical companies with gold.

To be healthy we need to make healthy decisions. Dr. Piana has outlined 7 steps to Wellness that can help you get started and in the right direction.

Did you know that thermal imaging is the best test to visualize lymphatic congestion in the body that may be blocking your immune system and creating illness?  Full body testing is available.

7-Step Wellness Program

Dr. Piana’s Wellness Program arises from over 30 years of experience and information from cultures worldwide.

Maintaining health is FAR easier than trying to catch it once you have lost it.

Dr. Piana’s 7 Step program is designed to bring vitality back to your world on a daily basis. The use of this treasure is up to you. Some of out patients have terminal cancer, while others are looking for ways to maximize their potential. In either case the body’s ability to heal when interferences are removed is astounding. Offered 4 times per year at the Torrington Country Club.

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Hormone Balance

We Offer The following

  • Chiropractic Wellness
  • Hormone Testing
  • Whole Body Cleansing
  • Natural Immune System Building
  • Lymphaytic Drainage
  • Acupuncture Balancing
  • Nutrition Counseling

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